Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

The days of feather dusters and unhygienic spray bottles of water are long gone. It's now understood that only a deep, sanitizing clean can destroy allergens, bacteria, mold, and myriad other pollutants. The professional cleaning industry has been forward-thinking in terms of technological innovation, and Clean Works uses the latest technology to our - and our clients' - advantage.

We've achieved the best results on blinds and other objects using the power of an ultrasonic cleaning tank. Ultrasonic cleaning employs a special bath with a mild detergent. When high-frequency sound waves are run through the bath, millions of microscopic partial vacuum bubbles form and collapse rapidly in a process called "cavitation." The result of this process is a sanitizing clean that penetrates through even the tiniest openings, removing contaminants and restoring your blinds to spotlessness.

Good for You, Good for Your Blinds

While many cleaning businesses might use dry sponges, vacuum cleaners, or lamb's wool dusters to clean blinds, we've found that ultrasonic cleaning poses far greater benefits. Our ultrasonic blind cleaning process is:


Ultrasonic cleaning improves the air quality of your home or office, reducing adverse effects to occupants' health. It even eliminates smoke residue.

Visually stunning.

Clients of ours are often surprised at how dirty their blinds actually were before cleaning. Cavitation can breathe life and beauty back into blinds.


Cleaning your blinds enhances their value and protects your investment, restoring blinds that otherwise might have been replaced.

Types of Blinds We Clean:

  • Mini (Venetian) Blinds

  • Wooden Blinds

  • Faux Wood Blinds

  • Silhouettes

  • Luminettes

  • Duettes

  • Vertical Blinds

Our Process

At Clean Works, we're committed to making the ultrasonic process as simple as possible for you. Our skilled technicians will meet you at your residence or office, carefully remove all of your blinds, and take them to our Lancaster facility. They will then sanitize your blinds in the ultrasonic tank, deliver them back to you, and reinstall them.

Ultrasonic for the Rest of the Home

Need your artificial plants, delicate ceramics, or light lenses cleaned? We can do that, too. Contact us with questions if you have other small items in your home or office that could use a deep clean.