Commercial Cleaning

The walls, halls, floors, and doors of any establishment speak, communicating a message to both employees and visitors. The bank says, "We mean business." The hotel says, "Rest your head for a while." The fine restaurant says, "How can we serve you?"

What does your office say?

Clean Works understands that your place of business demonstrates your values and conveys your brand. Our mission is to ensure when we service your facility, visitors will be impressed with its impeccable appearance. Employees will be healthier, happier, and more comfortable. And you'll be satisfied that everyone who walks through your doors will know what your business is all about.

Your Office's Needs - Delivered.

Whether you're a large operation or a small business, we'll tailor a janitorial plan to fit your needs.

Our services are guaranteed to make your office healthier, brighter, and more inviting to employees and visitors. Service offerings for offices include any of the below:

Janitorial service.
Your company's needs are based in your values, mission, identity, facility size, budget, and so much more. We'll develop a custom, ongoing maintenance program to keep your office looking immaculate with a schedule that works for you.

Restroom and janitorial supplies.
We'd love the responsibility of stocking your restrooms—minimum- and surcharge-free. With competitive pricing and quality products, we have all you need, including facial and toilet tissue, hand towels, air care products, and more.

Carpet cleaning.
Our carpet services includes regular vacuuming to remove dirt and debris from your investment. We can also perform carpet spotting for accidents, bonneting, foam encapsulation, and finally, fast-dry hot water extraction—the gold standard in carpet cleaning.

Window cleaning.
You'll see the luster in your windows again once Clean Works cares for them. Our technicians will wash even the hardest-to-reach windows of your business with the greatest attention to detail for crystal clarity.

Ultrasonic blind services.
We boast the best in ultrasonic technology, Clean Works can remove the blinds in your office and transport them to our facility to blast away dirt, buildup, allergens and irritants, and discoloration for new-looking blinds.

Tile, stone, and grout care.
Hot water extraction using a truck-mounted system reaches deep into the pores of your business's tile, stone, and grout for a restorative clean. We can then help protect your investment with a high-quality surface seal.

We'd Love to Quote You on Our Service.

Our goal is to be the only answer to your office's cleaning needs. In order to do so, we treat every single job as a unique opportunity and develop a custom quote. We're of the opinion that charging you for us to determine a sanitation plan for your business would be wrong. As a company that cares greatly about the community it serves, we hope a free quote will demonstrate our commitment to integrity and quality service.

Realizing Our Goal of Industry Leadership.

We're innovators and dreamers. In our goal to lead the revolution in the cleaning industry, better isn't an option. We strive for the best. Because of this, Clean Works has committed itself to industry leadership on a number of critical fronts.

Clean Works is:

Our concern with the health of your home requires the highest level of qualification. That's why all of our technicians hold the Institute for Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification.

Clean Works' efforts in your home are backed by a comprehensive insurance policy. We do this both for the protection and safety of our workers and for those living inside your house.

We only use products that have been subject to rigorous testing to ensure they meet our high quality standards, including reduced environmental and health concerns compared with other common products and services. We're low-VOC, pet- and kid-friendly.

Your satisfaction is our business, period. Clean Works doesn't consider a job done unless it's done right. As a result, we guarantee high-quality service on every job and are committed to correcting anything that hasn't met or exceeded your expectations.